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updated 16-Dec-2020

Number 255

Number 255 is a prototype classical mandolin with a flat, thread-through bridge assembly which exerts almost no down-pressure, allowing an ultra light lattice-braced top. The shorter scale, 13.2", is similar to the classical standard. It is quite simple, with cherry body, western red cedar top, flat fret board, solid bridge, and no-frills Grover tuners. The concept is to emulate the crisp, fast attack of the best Italian instruments, but with better structural integrity from features like modern truss rod, zero fret, adjustable and removable neck joint allowing you to adjust the string height, side port, etc. I believe it is very successful and similar to classical instruments, bright with a little more sustain. Definitely not a bluegrass sound with prominent mid-range. My normal price for an instrument like this would be $3000+ but as a prototype will sell for $1600 with soft case, plus shipping, return possible if not satisfied.

Price: $1600