updated 28-Nov-2017

I love mandolins!

This directory lists the "mandolin family" of instruments: mandolin, mandola and mandocello. These are the instruments used in mandolin orchestras and correspond to classical music's violin, viola, and 'cello. My "octave mandolins" are listed in the "bouzoukis and citterns" directory because they aren't usually found in mandolin orchestras.

My models are my own invention and don't correspond to Gibson's "A" and "F" designations, but the oval-hole models with flat backs and X-braced tops are more soft and singing, whereas the instruments with F-holes, tone bar bracing and carved backs are more percussive and punchy (more suitable for bluegrass).

All instruments have modern 2-way truss rods in the neck and bridges with thumb-wheels for easy height adjustment. All of them have bolt-on necks which can be more easily removed or adjusted, compared to the traditional built-on necks.


Number 211 A 10-string cittern, or liuto cantabile, in American cherry with Sitka spruce top. $3600
Number 210 A deep backed alto mandola in curly walnut and spruce. $3400
Number 196 A mandolin in curly maple and Engelmann spruce. $2900


The mandolins, mandolas, and mandocellos in this gallery are either already sold or not for sale, but the photos may give you an idea of the range of body styles and ornamentation available if you choose to have an instrument custom made.

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