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updated 18-Mar-2021

Steel String & Classical Guitars


The guitars in this gallery are already sold, but the photos may give you an idea of the range of body styles and ornamentation available if you choose to have an instrument custom made.

Number 206 An arch-top 11-string guitar in curly chechen and Sitka spruce.
Number 151 A cutaway small-body guitar, in curly mango and European spruce.
Number 138 A 4-string tenor guitar in shedua and red cedar. Commission for Pete Strickler.
Number 137 A nylon-string archtop guitar, in cherry and red cedar.
Number 136 A dreadnaught guitar made of narra with Sitka spruce top.
Number 127 A large dreadnaught guitar in leopardwood and Sitka spruce.
Number 124 A cutaway small-body guitar in mahogany with red cedar top. Commission for Jan Robertson.
Number 121 An archtop guitar in curly makore and curly redwood.
Number 114 A small-bodied guitar in lacewood and "sinker" redwood.
Number 113 A dreadnaught guitar, in black acacia and European spruce.
Number 112 A mid-sized accoustic guitar, in walnut and Sitka spruce.
Number 95 A cutaway mid-size guitar in granadillo with Sitka spruce top. Commission for Herb Taylor.
Number 94 A classical guitar based on Kasha/Schneider style, in goncalo alves with cedar top.
Number 85 A dreadnaught in Brazilian rosewood with red spruce top. Commission for Mitch Roe.