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updated 25-Oct-2018

Number 236

Number 236 is an archtop cutaway tenor guitar currently in octave tuning (GDAE). The body is beautiful monkey pod wood, a moderately light wood from Indonesia. The top is Engelmann spruce. Scale is 546 mm, about 21-1/2 inches. Construction uses Gibson style tone bar bracing, with asymmetrical "cat-eye" F holes. Trim is camatillo rosewood and rare kingwood veneer. It has a smooth bell-like ringing tone and a lot of sustain which would make it good for jazzy styles. The look is a reminiscent of art-deco 6 string guitars. It has all my standard features such as zero fret, side port, adjustable bolt on neck, internal carbon tube compression brace, elevated pick guard and modern two way truss rod. Hard case.

Price: $4000

Video of this instrument being played by Roger Landes

Video of this instrument being played by Kevin Rummery

Video of this instrument being played by Pete Strickler