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updated 22-Nov-2018

Number 235

Number 235 is an experimental tenor guitar in Irish tuning (GDAE) made of curly Spanish cedar with western red cedar top. The neck continues inside the body as an internal stick which has a vertical shaft through a hole to support the tail piece. It is easily dis-assembled and the neck removed by taking out two bolts. There is almost no net downward force on the top, and you could actually tighten the strings up to pitch without having the body attached. This allows extremely light construction with top bracing reduced to an internal lattice of Alaskan yellow cedar. The scale is 580 mm or 22-3/4 inches. The result is very quick response and punchy attack with a clean, bright, neutral tone and moderate sustain. Simple contrasting rosewood trim and herringbone inlay create a beautiful traditional look. Otherwise, it has standard features of zero fret, side port, and modern two way truss rod. This instrument would excel at fast melodic play. Hard case.


Video of this instrument being played by Roger Landes

Video of this instrument being played by Pete Strickler

Video of this instrument being played by Kevin Rummery