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updated 1-Oct-2018

Number 239

Number 239 is an alto mandola (CGDA tuning) with a short scale (395 mm or 15-1/2 inches) and a larger body (12-1/4 inches wide). Body is goncalo alves and top is redwood. Construction uses asymmetrical X bracing of the top. Trim is goncalo alves veneers and maple bindings with black veneer edges. The redwood gives it a more dark mysterious tone than a spruce top. Good for a mandolin player with small hands who wants to move to mandola, or to accompany singing. It has all my standard features such as zero fret, side port, adjustable bolt on neck, internal compression strut, elevated pick guard and modern two way truss rod. Hard case.

Price: $3700

Video of this instrument being played by Pete Strickler

Video of this instrument being played by Kevin Rummery