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updated 21-Dec-2016

Number 198

Number 198 is a 2-point mando-cello. The body is Mexican royal ebony, aka katalox, top is red spruce. Bindings are curly massaranduba with red-dyed veneer lines, and curly andiroba veneer on head, arm rest, pick guard and tail piece. Neck is mahogany with matching center stripe.

Tone is loud and rich with tremendous sustain. A slightly longer scale of 670 mm allows thinner strings, low C is about .060 rather than .073 in a typical set, giving a much fuller sound with more overtones. Truly a commanding voice, producing quality sound all the way down to the lowest notes. Action is low and easy. I am very proud of this one!

Like all my instruments, it features an adjustable bolt-on neck for maintainability, a "neck reset" is now a user operation. Neck, arm rest and pick guard do not contact the top, allowing free vibration. Zero fret for super low action. Modern 2-way truss rod together with two carbon fiber bars in neck, slim rounded-V neck profile. Internal carbon fiber brace from head to tail block. Side Port allows you to hear what you're doing. Comes with (guitar) hard case.


Video of this instrument being played by Roger Landes