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updated 24-Sep-2008

Number 97

This is a mandolin with carved top and back, F-holes, and an asymmetrical 2-point shape. The body wood is imbuia (ocotea porosa, sometimes called Brazilian walnut) and the top is Carpathian spruce.

Construction features my standard adjustable bolt-on neck with zero fret, cantilevered extension over the body, and a modern 2-way adjustable truss rod. The top is braced with Gibson style tone bars. Sound ports allow the player to hear better.

Decoration includes an ornate peg head to match the body shape and silver hardware. Rosewood bindings, head veneers and pick guard complement the rich, cool brown look.

The sound is rich and full yet crisp. Good for any type of music including classical, Celtic, or bluegrass "chops". The action is low and comfortable. Everyone who plays it loves this mandolin!