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updated 29-Nov-2017

Mandolins, Mandolas & Mandocellos


The mandolins, mandolas and mandocellos in this gallery are already sold, but the photos may give you an idea of the range of body styles and ornamentation available if you choose to have an instrument custom made.

Number 230 An octave mandolin in goncalo alves and Engelmann spruce.
Number 227 A mandocello in cherry and Engelmann spruce.
Number 219 A 10-string cittern, or liuto cantabile, in curly black acacia with Sitka spruce top.
Number 217 An archtop mandola in curly maple and Alaskan yellow cedar.
Number 216 An arch-top octave mandolin in ziricote with Sitka spruce top.
Number 209 A deep backed mandolin in maple and Alaskan yellow cedar.
Number 208 An experimental travel mandolin, designed for stowing in a carry-on bag.
Number 203 A 4-string mandolin in sycamore and red cedar.
Number 198 A mandocello in Mexican royal ebony and red spruce.
Number 193 A 9-string mandocello in maple.
Number 184 A 4-string mandolin in sycamore with western red cedar top.
Number 176 A mandocello in chechen with Port Orford cedar top.
Number 168 An alto mandola in walnut with red spruce top.
Number 160 A mandocello in granadillo with redwood top.
Number 147 Celtic-style mandolin in coral maple with arched redwood top.
Number 135 A 2-point mandola in spalted sycamore and Engleman spruce.
Number 126 A mandolin in curly narra and red spruce.
Number 118 Guitar-bodied mandocello in shedua with arched Engelmann spruce top.
Number 111 A Celtic style mandolin made of red maple and curly redwood.
Number 109 A mandolin in curly maple and Carpathian spruce.
Number 108 An archtop mandola made of makore, black top is western red cedar.
Number 107 An alto mandola in curly maple and red cedar top.
Number 106 Antique look flat top mandolin made on commission.
Number 104 Two-point mandocello in spalted sycamore and spruce.
Number 99 Arched top pointy F-hole mandola in narra and red spruce.
Number 97 Arched top pointy F-hole mandolin in imbuia and Carpathian spruce.
Number 96 Arched top oval mandolin in sycamore and Sitka spruce.