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updated 25-Oct-2018

Number 241

Number 241 is a basic flat top octave mandolin (GDAE tuning) with little eye-candy to hold the price down. Body wood is curly big leaf maple and top is Sitka spruce. The only decoration is rosewood top binding to protect the edges of the soft top wood. Finger board and head veneer are katalox, an ebony-like Mexican hardwood. Scale length is 546 mm or 21-1/2 inches. Construction is simple also with straight across top bracing. The sound is strong and bright and has good sustain. It has all my standard features such as zero fret, side port, adjustable bolt on neck, internal compression strut and modern two way truss rod. Hard case.

Price: $2200

Video of this instrument being played by Roger Landes

Video of this instrument being played by Kevin Rummery